Welcome County of Ventura Human Services Agency to our “Under One Roof” family

Community Conscience hosted a luncheon on Wednesday, September 14, 2011 to welcome the newest tenant into the “Under One Roof” building, the County of Ventura Human Services Agency.

WLW-WelcomeCountyofVenturaHumanServicesAgenc_8CAE-IMG_0297_thumbConejo Valley residents needing services from the Ventura County Human Services Agency are now able to get them from the agency’s new office at 80 East Hillcrest Dr. Suite 200 in Thousand Oaks.

Representatives from the other non-profit organizations in the building joined Supervisor Linda Parks, Human Services Agency Director Barry Zimmerman and Community Conscience President Dee Crawford for a luncheon and a ribbon cutting ceremony to celebrate the new partnership.

“We are thrilled,” said Crawford.  “The Human Services Agency serves the same people we serve so they’re going to be referring to other charities here and our charities are going to be referring to the county and it’s just going to be so great.”  “This has been a long vision of ours,” said Zimmerman.  “We feel there is a great need in the community and so this new office just allows us to do what our mission is.”  “It’s very exciting.” Parks said she is delighted the project has come to fruition.  “I am so glad it’s here. Not only are we going to be able to keep the different social services here because we pay rent, but also it’s the incredible synergy we are going to get,” she said.  “ I think people are going to come here down on their luck and leave with hope.”

(Excerpts from the VC Star-Rachel McGrath reporter)


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