Visit the Hospice Tree(s) of Life

The annual Hospice of the Conejo Tree of Life is at the Oaks Shopping Center for all to see. To date there are three trees loaded with stars in memory of or in honor of loved ones. Volunteers are staffing the tree day and evening hours until Christmas Eve. December 24th. Donations are always accepted and after Dec. 24th the stars will be hung on the tree at the Gardens of the World in Thousand Oaks.

We are asking a donation of $20 but no one is ever turned away. Shoppers passing by sometimes just drop a few dollars in the decorated box on the table. Every donation is spent on volunteer services providing in-home assistance for the terminally ill and their families through professional case management and volunteer support. Bereavement groups and support for youth, teens, adults and seniors are available and all services are free of charge.

Please take the time to visit the lovely trees and talk to our volunteers, or for more information contact the Hospice office


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