LSS Community Care Centers: 2012

LSS has had a very busy and productive 2012 so far and it’s not over yet.  Director Leslie  her, dedicated staff and volunteers have reorganized some of their programs and also reorganized their entire suite of offices to make the organization run more efficiently to better serve their clients.  LSS has many on going programs however they are continuously striving to make a difference in the community.

One new program has been added, “Homeless 2 Home”, this program provides mentoring for our families who have needed their help in the past. This program will help to ensure stability for families by providing on-going guidance.

  • 2 new staff members have been added
  • 3 new volunteers have been added
  • We have increased the number of clients served by 1/3 due to Catholic Charities leaving the area.
  • The size of our food pantry has been increased.
  • Redesigned homeless services and have increased the hours we offer services.
  • We now limit the number of homeless clients using the facility and receiving services at a given time thereby reducing congestion and confusion in the area.

Watch us as we continue to improve our programs that will help the clients that need our services.

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