Community Spotlight: Fit 4 The Cause

Andrea – “Instructor In Training”

“I love to teach Zumba® moves,” says Andrea, stopping for a moment to catch her breath after a group fitness program. “And I love helping other participants learn about strength training, and even things like stability exercises.” This attitude and passion is commendable in anyone, but it’s especially impressive in Andrea, a young adult with Autism Spectrum Disorder. Andrea has seized on an opportunity provided by Fit 4 The Cause, which has pioneered a Move*Dance*Breathe™ syndicated program that incorporates diverse exercise styles into each one-hour exercise session. These exercise segments include strength training, stability drills, yoga and cardiovascular variations. 

Community Conscience Agency Spotlight

“We’re so excited to see Andrea blossom in our program,” says Cindy Rakowitz, Founder and Executive Director of Fit 4 The Cause. “She’s been practicing the choreography independently and taking on Zumba® instruction with focus and dedication. She also consistently helps other fitness program participants perfect all their exercise skills. We’ve started to encourage all our participants to lead sections of our multi-faceted fitness education program. Many of them have been really enthusiastic about taking advantage of the leadership opportunity.”

Andrea represents just one of many extraordinary stories of how a consistent physical fitness regimen can transform a person’s life. “It’s been so gratifying for all of us,” says Rakowitz, “as we watch a behavioral shift from a class participant — who I have to admit is often skeptical, at first —  to instructor in training. We truly believe that Andrea has the potential to become an independent licensed fitness instructor over the next year or two.”*

Despite challenges people like Andrea face every day, there is a place for them to excel and be in terrific shape! That gives everyone at Fit 4 The Cause motivation to continue doing their good work.

*All class leaders are carefully monitored and supervised by Fit 4 The Cause’s licensed instructors. 

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