Community Conscience’s New Advisory Council

We are pleased to announce a very distinguished list of names who have joined the Community Conscience Advisory Council:  Bob Biery, Grant Brimhall, Kris Caraway Bowman, Chuck Cohen, Frank Dawson, Katie Fiore, Dennis Gillette, Larry Horner, George Hutchison, Pat Paulucci, Frances Prince, Dixie Vollmer, Tex Ward, Fred Wilson and Joan Young.  It is an honor to have the support and valuable input of such involved community activists to help Community Conscience “Under One Roof” continue to grow and provide rent-free space for the non-profit organizations who offer services to those in need in our community.

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Each month Community Conscience spotlights one of the 13 human services agencies who operate rent-free in our 22,000 square-foot building. Those agencies serve 50,000 people annually, and we want to share their stories. Subscribe to our newsletter to have their stories delivered to your inbox.