Community Conscience Volunteers are named as 2016 Don & Doña of La Fiesta del Triunfo

The Conejo Valley Historical Society proudly announced their selection for the 2016 Doña & Don of La Fiesta del Triunfo.   Each year since 1965, the Conejo Valley Historical Society has recognized a Don and Doña del Triunfo, a man and a woman from the Conejo Valley who have provided exceptional volunteer service to the Conejo Valley.   This year the honors go to a present and past Community Conscience volunteer!  Doña  Margaret Fieweger is a current Trustee on the Board of Community Conscience and Don Frank Bellinghiere was a Community Conscience Past President and 2007 King of the Mardi Gras Ball.  Margaret and Frank have made great contributions to the Conejo Valley community through their numerous volunteer activities.

DonaMargaret DonFrank

They will be honored on July 16, 2016, 5:30 pm, at The Gardens at Los Robles Greens.  Be sure to mark your calendars and plan to attend this special event.
For information, contact Joanne: or (805)375-0459.
Congratulations to Margaret and Frank, who have both been very involved with Community Conscience!

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