Community Conscience in the 50th Anniversary Thousand Oaks Parade!

The City of Thousand Oaks celebrates its 50th Anniversary this year!  As part of this celebration, the City hosted a parade on Saturday, September 27th with the theme “Remembering the past, honoring the memories.”

The Community Conscience “Under One Roof” organization was part of the celebration by participating in the 50th anniversary parade!


It all started before sunrise on Saturday, September 27.  Beautiful horses, floats made by local groups, antique and classic cars were everywhere!  We checked in and were staged on the side streets by category.  Our category was automotive, thanks to Silver Star Mercedes Benz and the use of a gorgeous 2014 Mercedes Benz E350 white convertible.  They also provided a professional driver, Dick Goldner, who was outstanding and a lot of fun.  Participating in the parade with Robin Britt, Executive Director, were Community Conscience Board of Trustees members Barbara Ashcraft and Suzy Beaty, President Cheryl Klepper, and Executive Committee Secretary Fran Brough.

“With faces painted, feathery masks, Mardi Gras beads and wild hats on we slowly made our way to the parade route,” said Robin.  (Face painting was courtesy of Robin!) Fran and Robin carried a banner in front of the car: “COMMUNITY CONSCIENCE CELEBRATES 25 YEARS.”

Barbara, Cheryl and Suzy waved to the crowd from the car holding bright neon signs: “Mardi Gras Ball February 21, 2015” on one side and “Community Conscience” on the other.  People loved the Mardi Gras theme and cheered us on.  The parade went very smoothly and was a lot of fun!

There was a great turn out of people and the support from the crowd was amazing.  They yelled out to us, delighted, and applauded.  I was touched as I realized how many people know of Community Conscience as a direct result of the impact the Human Services Center has had on the Conejo Valley community for the past 26 years.

This event was televised, and our Board of Trustee member, Irish John Gore was one of the announcers.  He did a terrific job, along with Pete Turpel, of describing Community Conscience, our rent-free program and our biggest fundraiser, the annual Mardi Gras Ball!

The next part of the celebration will happen on Tuesday October 7th from 6:00pm to 8:00pm at the Civic Arts Plaza Kavli Theater where “The Roots of Our Lives” Living Time Capsule Ceremony will be held. Community Conscience has donated items for the time capsule and several board members will be in attendance.  “I am looking forward to this evening of celebration as we will join the guardians of the time capsule in reflecting back on the past 50 years and look forward into the future” stated Robin.

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