Commemorative Bricks Campaign

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Do you know someone you would like to recognize with a once in a lifetime donation?

Please support the Commemorative Bricks project from Community Conscience. With the words you choose to have engraved on these bricks, you can honor and remember ones you love and celebrate those who are important to you. They also make great holiday and birthday presents. By purchasing an engraved brick, you will be leaving a highly visible legacy at our building, The Human Services Center, located at 80 E Hillcrest Drive, Thousand Oaks.

Net proceeds from your purchase go directly to operating and maintaining our building where we provide rent free office space to 13 non-profit human service agencies. It is our mission to ensure these organizations will always have a facility to provide their exceptional services to those in need. Many thousands of lives in our community have been changed and touched by the efforts of the agencies in our building. Community Conscience receives funding for the building through fundraisers such as our Commemorative Bricks and public and business donations.

We will permanently place each of these 200 engraved bricks in the garden around the memorial flag pole in front of our building. The bricks are 4”X8” and cost $100.00 each with 3 lines and 18 characters per line.

Help us pave the way to a better future for members of our community who are in need.

Click HERE to purchase a brick


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