Cheers to 30 Years!

Wow – what a party! On October 12th Community Conscience hosted a celebration at Sunland Vintage Winery in Thousand Oaks to commemorate 30 years in the Human Services Center. A gathering of friends enjoyed the stylish musical sounds of “Jim and Steve.”  B.J’s Restaurant catered the event. There were delicious appetizers while guests enjoyed a glass of Sunland Winery’s signature wines. Community Conscience Trustee, Peter Mogg “The Magnificent,” entertained guests with close-at-hand magic. 

This was followed by a wine tasting of five different varieties with the story of each wine’s history described by co-owners Mike and Debby Giovinazzo. B.J’s Restaurant representative, Alexandria, elaborated about each of five different dishes prepared to pair with each wine as the tasting went on.

This event served as a fundraiser to help offset a recent large expenditure for a new roof and 14 HVAC units at the Human Services Center. There were terrific raffle prizes and a door prize and at the end of evening guests went home with delightful treasures and memories. 

A little background about Community Conscience: Three decades ago the Human Services Center opened its doors to fill a need in the community. There were non-profit organizations in danger of closing their doors due to budget cuts and the high cost of paying rent in the Conejo Valley. In the last 30 years these non-profits have thrived with the ongoing opportunity to work as allies in one location — thanks to Community Conscience providing them with free rent for their office space! The end result is that over one million people have received services from these agencies since 1988. Today there is still a great need for the Human Services Center to help ensure there is place for people in our community to find help and hope. 

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