Catholic Charities coordinates efforts to help Maryanne

WLW-96a33386b84e_1315A-CatholicCharitiesLogo_5Maryanne, a senior citizen, was living in San Diego on a very limited income. Her daughter convinced her to relocate to the Thousand Oaks area where they would be able to live together. Until they can pay the moving costs, the moving company is keeping their furniture. Now they have nothing. In need of some assistance, they came to Catholic Charities. Catholic Charities made phone calls to get them some furniture, and also provided them with food vouchers and a
voucher to Senior Concerns Bargain Boutique for clothing.

Catholic Charities also made phone calls in order to obtain more affordable housing for Maryanne after her daughter moved out leaving her with no money to pay rent and utility bills. Seven months later Maryanne called to inform us that she had obtained low income housing in the Santa Paula area through assistance from LSS Community Care Centers.

Catholic Charities provided emergency rental assistance and help to prevent her utility disconnection. Catholic Charities continues to help Maryanne with her utility bills through grants from United Way and with her clothing needs by means of vouchers to the Senior Concerns Bargain Boutique.

Maryanne has been hospitalized several times and is now in need of Verizon’s Lifeline Program. Catholic Charities stepped in again and with help from a private donor is paying for this service. Catholic Charities would not be able to continue to help those in need of their emergency programs without the rent-free office space provided by Community Conscience, the assistance of LSS Community Care Centers, the co-operation from Senior Concerns Bargain Boutique, the grants from United Way, and the generous donations from private donors.

Catholic Charities, LSS Community Care Centers and Senior Concerns Bargain Boutique are all housed in the Community Conscience “Under One Roof “ building at 80 E. Hillcrest in Thousand Oaks.

a client story submitted by Adela Clayburg, Client Coordinator

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