2nd Annual Scarecrow Spectacular to Benefit Community Conscience “Under One Roof”

Community Conscience Trustee Allen Reznick and his wife Joy designed and built their Scarecrow entry to benefit the “Under One Roof” Human Services Center located at 80 E. Hillcrest in Thousand Oaks.

“At Aviara Real Estate, we have an annual charity event where scarecrows are built to benefit the designer’s choice of charity. Of course Allen and I built our scarecrow for Community Conscience.  Several of you came to Wednesday’s Party and voted. If you couldn’t make it there is still time. Please stop by and vote weekdays 9am – 5pm until Nov 1st. Each vote is $1 and you can write checks directly to Community Conscience. 100% of the vote monies cast for your favorite scarecrow will go to that designated charity and the winning three scarecrows have another pool of monies to divide! Last year we came in 4th place. We are hoping to do better this year!” stated Joy.

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The 2nd Annual Scarecrow Spectacular contest is an event that is sponsored by Aviara Real Estate and will benefit 35 charities. The Aviara Realtors, staff and affiliates designated their charity of choice and proceeded to design their 2012 scarecrow entries.  The month long fall celebration is open to the public to come in and vote for their favorite scarecrow for $1. Bring the family as you stroll through the 18,000 square-feet halls to view the creative, whimsical and scary mix of one-of-a-kind scarecrows. The displays and voting will continue through November 1.

You can view and vote for the Community Conscience “Under One Roof” scarecrow entry in front of The Reznick Group office at the Aviara Real Estate office building.  The Reznick’s will have the red carpet out for you – come by and vote!


Aviara Real Estate

2555 Townsgate Road, Second Floor

Westlake Village, CA

When:   Weekdays from 9am -5pm, until Nov 1st

Last year an article in the VC Star featured the Reznick Group’s 2011 Community Conscience Scarecrow entry. Their entry came in 4th place and delivered a nice check to Community Conscience, but missed the big pool of bonus money.



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